Steering Committee Update

Significant progress continues to be made on the transition and the team is on target to meet the project deadlines.

The vast majority of Extension employees have received their net ID and most of those who still need to do so are emeritus. Office 365 activation and email migration have been completed for most employees as well with minimal problems. Other system activations such as WiscList, Sharepoint, and WordPress site migrations are now beginning to happen, but they are still on schedule.

Public Media employees are also well into their systems transitions. Net ID migrations are happening and VOIP transition started the week of April 15th. Office 365 migration will start in May.

Grants transition planning is going well with the team at Extension doing a lot of work to wrap up any grants they can before the transition deadline so there is less to transfer to UW-Madison. PIs will be notified of any actions they need to take on their grants before July 1.

Planning for facility management is ongoing and discussions are taking place with FPM on how off-campus facilities will be supported and maintained after July 1 if it won’t be from FPM. All leases and use agreements have already been conveyed.

And finally, two major items are now completed – the IT transition for Conference Centers and Bulk Mailing and the transition of payroll to UW-Madison for Extension.