Interim Vice Provost Nagy provides project update

Casey Nagy, the Interim Vice Provost for the Division of Extension and Public Media, recently  distributed a memo (PDF) to staff in those units outlining the anticipated schedule for transitions (PDF) of services from UW Extension to UW–Madison.

Extension and Public Media remain on schedule to transition to their new UW–Madison division. The Department of Labor Education, which will become part of the Division of Continuing Studies, may complete the transition earlier in the spring. “We are working through each facet of the timeline on an on-going basis, taking into account new developments, in order to ensure that we remain on target as closely as possible,” said Nagy. “We do anticipate some uncertainties that may impact our timeline, as the UW Colleges’ transition to the various 4-year institutions coincides with ours, but we still expect to fully transition all faculty and staff and all major operational aspects of Extension and WPM by July 1, 2019.”

Developments to look for in 2019

  • University Relations will roll-out a , highlighting the units that will now be part of UW–Madison.
  • Extension (formerly called “Cooperative Extension”) will begin using their UW–Madison name and logo in January. The Department of Labor Education will adopt the UW–Madison logo as a unit within the Division of Continuing Studies. Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio will continue to use their existing logos.
  • UW–Madison will hire select staff to help support the demands of the new units in payroll and benefits, HR and purchasing.
  • Net IDs will be created for all transitioning employees who do not already have one, an essential step in gaining access to UW–Madison software and systems.
  • Efforts are on-going to facilitate participation in the UW–Madison Title and Total Compensation Study. Until that process begins, UW Extension faculty and staff are expected to transition with their existing titles and with no change to compensation or benefits (except as necessary to meet UW-Madison salary minima).
  • Training on UW-Madison policies and procedures will be ongoing as part of a general on-boarding strategy.

Nagy notes that he is working with governance groups as appropriate to ensure that policy differences between UW-Extension and UW–Madison are resolved.