Policies and Guidelines


How and when advertising can be used to generate revenue for university units and activities.

Banners and Signage

Information on where and when banners may be posted on campus.

Commercial Use

Rules governing the commercial use of campus by non-university organizations.

Drone/Unmanned Aircraft Use

Defines the requirements for the use of unmanned aircraft, or drones, on University of Wisconsin–Madison–owned or -controlled property, or elsewhere where university-affiliated activities occur.

Editorial Style Guide

Handy reference for points of style specific to UW–Madison.

Film/Television/Commercial Production Policy

Rules governing film, television, photo or video production on campus by non-university organizations.

Location Agreement (pdf)

A standard agreement required for all non-university film, digital or photography production that occurs on campus. See Film/Television/Commercial Production Policy for more information.


Guidance on the creation and use of photographs.

Social Media

Identifying and assessing potential issues related to the use of social and new media.


How and when sponsorship can be used to generate revenue for university units and activities.

Statements for Publication

Approved verbiage for copyright statements, equal opportunity and affirmative action statements, as well as UW–Madison’s mission statement.


Aligning campus research and education on sustainability with communications operations and practices.

Use of Marks

How and when both university and non-university entities can use university logos, images, names, and marks.


Guidance on the creation and use of videos.

Web Accessibility

Guidance on how to ensure that web pages are accessible to users with disabilities.

Employee Resources

Important resources for University Relations employees.