UW-Extension governance groups support keeping governance policies in place during transition

All three UW-Extension governance groups passed resolutions to support the continuation of governance and UW-Extension governance policies remaining in effect through FY2019 or until UW-Extension divisions have made sufficient transitions to UW-Madison and UW System Administration so that UW-Extension governance is no longer necessary.  The rationale for these resolutions is for faculty and staff to be governed by one institution’s policies at a time, thus maintaining their governance rights as seamlessly as possible through the divisional transitions.

We fully support maintaining UW-Extension governance and policies to assist in a smooth transition for faculty and staff.  If circumstances change that materially impact continuation of governance under current UW Extension governance policies, we will consult with UW Extension governance leaders on how best to proceed.

Finally, we also wish to take this opportunity to again thank each of you for continuing your essential work throughout the state during the restructuring process.  Your work remains vital to a healthy Wisconsin, nation, and world.


UW-Extension Provost and Vice Chancellor Aaron M. Brower and UW-Madison Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Sarah C. Mangelsdorf