Transition update to campus

Since the state-wide restructuring of UW Colleges and Extension was announced late in 2017, hundreds of staff and faculty at UW-Madison and UW Extension have been helping transition multiple Extension units to the Madison campus. Casey Nagy, the Interim Vice Provost for the Division of Extension and Public Media, has an update on the project for the UW-Madison campus. Most of the actions will be invisible to campus, but some will be noticed including:

  • Training will be conducted on UW-Madison policies and procedure as part of a general on-boarding strategy.
  • Governance processes will continue as appropriate, including determination of permanent tenure homes for Extension and DLE faculty and reconciliation of variances between UW-Madison and UW Extension policies and procedures.
  • Events will be scheduled that take advantage of new possibilities for synergistic collaborations, including a symposium event on opioids.

The complete update memo is available at this link.