Steering Committee Update

Planning for the transition of the Cooperative Extension, Public Media and the Department of Labor Education to UW-Madison continues to meet all established benchmarks, with the effective transition date of July 1, 2019 still in effect.  The activities presently underway are represented in an integrated progression chart (PDF).

While transition is not scheduled to formally take place until July 1, 2019, numerous actions relating to personnel, email access and other considerations are underway; all actions affecting employees will be preceded by email announcements of what is happening and what if any actions individual employees may need to take in order to operationalize any changes.  Among the more visible actions presently underway are netID activations, the phased migration of Office 365, and select activation of new email accounts. Where possible, we are initiating major actions of this nature by using small test/pilot groups, so it will not be uncommon to hear of a transition underway that has not yet impacted a large number of personnel.

The University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) received provisional submissions for the new tenure homes of the Department of Labor Education and Extension.  Following discussion with UAPC, another draft will be released for general circulation and comment. Feedback will be solicited from governance groups and administrators within UW-Madison, and from Cooperative Extension faculty and staff. Following revisions, the formal proposals will be presented to the UAPC in the April meeting.